Collection: Plain Black Tea

Imagine a sun-kissed morning in the tea fields. The leaves, once vibrant green, have transformed into glossy, dark strands. Black plain loose leaf tea boasts a rich, mahogany hue. Its leaves are whole or broken, allowing them to unfurl gracefully during brewing.
Close your eyes and inhale. The aroma is bold yet inviting—a symphony of malt, dried fruit, and earthiness. As you steep the leaves, the fragrance intensifies, filling the room with warmth. Take a sip. The first notes dance on your palate—robust, slightly astringent, and awakening. Plain black tea offers a medley of flavours: malty, woody, and sometimes hints of cocoa or caramel.
It’s the morning sun peeking through the leaves, promising a day of possibilities. Picture yourself by the window, cradling a warm cup. The steam curls upward, inviting contemplation.
Black plain loose leaf tea is a companion during quiet mornings, rainy afternoons, and late-night musings. It’s the pause button in life—a chance to breathe, sip, and reconnect.
Pair it with buttery scones, dark chocolate, or a slice of lemon cake.
Or simply enjoy it unadorned—the pure essence of tea leaves.
  • David

    If you’re a tea totaller or a total tea nut you have to try Golden Monkey Tea Company.

  • Scarlet

    Their Maple Toffee tea will always be a permanent favourite and to prove it we've even named our dog after it.

  • George

    Having visited the store in the week I can not recommend the experience enough. The knowledge of tea and the atmosphere in the store was fantastic.