About Us

Our shop is located on Smith Street in historic Warwick, central England. You will find us amongst many interesting and unique independent businesses on Warwick’s oldest shopping street. We have over 120 different teas and tisanes to choose from, ranging from traditional black teas and fruit infusions to green and white teas, oolong and flowering teas and even pu-erh, yerba mate and matcha.

The new owner David Baines, is committed to continuing the excellent service and quality established by the previous owner and founder Maria Denney.  The Golden Monkey Tea Company has been successfully selling loose leaf tea from Smith Street in Warwick since 2008.

Tea has a history that spans more than 4,000 years and each country has it’s own relationship with tea; some celebrate tea with elaborate ceremonies lasting hours and yet it is an intimate brew that many people have a personal relationship with. Then there is the fact that there are more teas in the world then all other drinks combined and surprisingly the only thing we are addicted to that is good for us. It is truly unique!

We pride ourselves at the Golden Monkey on our passion, knowledge and experience that we have and are always excited to share what we have learned. We are happy to answer any questions regarding your favourite teas and the tools you need to make that perfect cuppa.

Our customers often comment on the cosy and comfortable feeling they get when they walk into our shop, which often results in a longer than intended visit! We hope to make your visit just as welcome.



What some of our customers have said about us:

'Brilliant service and a fantastic range of teas. I wandered in and was treated to great customer service and a real passion for tea, with a proprietor with an encyclopedic knowledge of tea. They have a great selections of gifts, tea-ware and green teas. This place has a great atmosphere and is a credit to Warwick.'

'Brilliant. Fantastic service, great choice, fantastic quality products. Made a dull day into a fun one.'

'A perfect place to get gifts and try something new, the Golden Monkey Tea Company is a sure-hit that will please and keep you returning over and over again!'