Collection: Zotter Chocolates

Zotter chocolates are made by an Austrian-based family business and considered as one of the very few bean-to-bar producers in Europe. In 2022 the company celebrated 30 years of hand-scooped chocolates. Hand scooped is basically a giant bonbon filled chocolate consisting of several layers, brushed onto long lanes – one on top of the other – by hand. Zotter’s flavour combinations are classic like “Marzipan and Almonds” , “Orange Liqueur” or “Whisky” and eccentric like “Tangerine, Matcha and Coconut”, “Vanilla and Crisps” or "Current 'n' Chili”, but all of them offer a unique flavour experience. The ingredients used to make these bean-to-bar chocolates are 100% organic and fairtrade.
The bars are wrapped in many different individual sleeves with various designs which turn each chocolate into a unique work of art as well as the perfect gift.
Please note these chocolates are more temperature sensitive than other chocolates as they do not contain stabilisers and preservatives. Ideally keep them in a cool and dry place between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius.
  • David

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  • Scarlet

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  • George

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