Collection: Flowering Tea

Flowering teas or blooming teas are made from dried tea and flowers which are tied together into a tight bundle which open up like a flower when emerged in hot water. They create a mild and enjoyable liquor and are stunning to look at.
If you can, use a clear teapot or another clear container that can withstand heat. Fill it with boiling water and add the flowering tea. It will slowly open up. You can preserve it by adding cold water afterwards for up to a week. They look especially great when displayed in a wine glass.  
  • David

    If you’re a tea totaller or a total tea nut you have to try Golden Monkey Tea Company.

  • Scarlet

    Their Maple Toffee tea will always be a permanent favourite and to prove it we've even named our dog after it.

  • George

    Having visited the store in the week I can not recommend the experience enough. The knowledge of tea and the atmosphere in the store was fantastic.