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Volcano Burst - Flowering Tea

Volcano Burst - Flowering Tea

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Grade: Artisan Handcrafted

Ingredients: Luxury green tea, Hibiscus + Amaranth + Lavender Flowers 

During the Ming Dynasty, in the county of Tengchong with its namesake volcano, there lived a particular Artisan who survived the infamous eruption of the Tengchong Volcano in 1609. As he felt the mighty tremors, the Artisan decided to appease the universal forces. He collected blooms of Amaranth, Hibiscus and Lavender, believing their roots in the region's volcanic soil would lend power to his creation. The Artisan believed that by concealing the floral burst within the exquisite green tea from the regions finest garden, it would spiritually represent his hope that the Volcano's lava would from then on be eternally trapped within the mountains shell. The Volcano hasn't erupted since. Experience the power of the Tenchong Volcano Flower Burst Tea yourself. Refreshing, cleansing, with a hint of lemon.

Please be aware that if you order multiple Volcano Burts flowering tea we will put them all in the same bag unless you specify otherwise.

How to make a flowering tea:
Place one flowering tea into a clear teapot (or cafetiere) and add boiling water. Wait for the flower to open before drinking the tea. Use cold water to preserve the flowered tea in, for example, a wine glass for up to one week.

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