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Labooko Madagascar 100%

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Conching time: 36 hrs.

A pure, 100% single origin chocolate, which will open up a new world of cocoa to your palate, entirely without unnecessary sugar or milk add-ons. An authentic cocoa indulgence, powerful and natural. Experience the aroma explosion of this fruity-citrussy cocoa from Madagascar, shaped by the terroir of an island that has some of the most fascinating biodiversity in the world.

Fragrance notes: intense notes of berries, nuts and savoury baked goods, echoes of coffee and earthy tones
Taste notes: roasty notes of nuts and wood, creamy character with hints of coffee, intense berry aroma (raspberries, redcurrants, lingonberries), notes of citrus and salt

2 x 32,5 g bars

Shelf life: minimum 3 months from production date