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Golden Monkey Tea Company

Smoking Russian - Black Tea

Smoking Russian - Black Tea

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Origin: China & India 

Let us introduce you to our own Russian Caravan blend with a smoky Golden Monkey Tea Co twist. Imagine an 18 month journey through the untamed landscape of East Asia to Russia on the old 'tea route'. A traditional Russian Caravan blend was created as a celebration and remembrance of the strenuous journeys and the countless people who made them. For generations, tales have been told that the smoky flavour represents the endless campfires made to sustain the men on the long passage. Our take on the renowned blend is a beautifully well rounded infusion using one of our finest Assams, Lapsang Souchong and a naturally smoky Keemun giving it a delicious and well balanced rugged undertone.

Brewing Instructions:
- one teaspoon/cup
- 98 ̊C water temperature
- steep for approx. 3-5 mins
- can be enjoyed with or without milk
- may not be reinfused


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