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Organic Rwandan Rukeri - Black Tea

Organic Rwandan Rukeri - Black Tea

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Origin: Rwanda

Our Organic Rukeri is one of the finest exports to leave Rwanda in the last 50 years when the plantation was first founded.  The tea industry has become an integral part of the country's economic stronghold and one of the largest employers.  The Rukeri estate meticulously monitors the growth and quality of their boutique-like plantation by limiting production to only 700 tonnes of orthodox tea per year, ensuring a refined and stand-alone crop.  The Organic Rukeri is a long, wiry, ocre brown leaf which produces a spicy-fresh aroma with pleasing citrus notes.

Brewing Instructions:
- one teaspoon/cup
- 98 ̊C water temperature
- steep for approx. 3-5 mins
- can be enjoyed with or without milk
- may not be reinfused


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