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Indulge in selection of new teas. Discover fragrant Teas, Herbals and Fruits Infusions that will awaken your senses.

Keep your teas fresh and organised with our new tea caddies. Choose from our collection to brighten your kitchen shelf.

Our tea cups and mugs are more than vessels; they’re works of art. Handcrafted porcelain, ceramic, and glassware.

Whether you prefer a dainty teacup or a sturdy mug, we’ve got your sipping style covered!

Enhance your tea ritual with our collection of tea-making accessories, we’ve thoughtfully curated tools that elevate your brewing experience

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  • David

    If you’re a tea totaller or a total tea nut you have to try Golden Monkey Tea Company.

  • Scarlet

    Their Maple Toffee tea will always be a permanent favourite and to prove it we've even named our dog after it.

  • George

    Having visited the store in the week I can not recommend the experience enough. The knowledge of tea and the atmosphere in the store was fantastic.