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Le Chat Noir Mug and Caddy Gift Sets

Le Chat Noir Mug and Caddy Gift Sets

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Perfect gift for your loved ones, especially cat lovers.

This beautiful artwork is inspired by the well-known work "Le Chat Noir" by the French Art Nouveau painter and artist Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen. It was created as a commissioned work and poster design for a popular cabaret in Montmartre. From 1881 to 1897, this was the meeting place for many writers, actors and song singers and was called Le Chat Noir - The Black Cat. As the first modern cabaret with table service and stage performances, Le Chat Noir quickly gained popularity and hosted many stars and politicians.

This Black cat themed ceramic teacup has an infuser and a lid to steep tea in the cup. This mug is made of porcelain, dishwasher safe and its dimensions are H 9.5 cm,  Ø 7 cm.

The tea tins are airtight with embossed push fit lid to keep your tea extra fresh. The larger tin has a hinged clip closure.

The small, medium and large tins hold approximately 50g, 100g and 500g respectively depending on the size of the tea leaves.

You have here multiple purchase option to make the perfect gift: 

3 piece mug only

3 piece mug with 50g matching tin

3 piece mug with 100g matching tin

3 piece mug with 500g matching tin

3 piece mug with 100g and 500g matching tins

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