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Pina Colada Sencha - Green Tea

Pina Colada Sencha - Green Tea

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Ingredients:  green Chinese tea (86%), pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), coconut shreds, flavouring

We have fallen in love!
If you need to escape to a tropical paradise dreaming of sandy white beaches drenched in summer sunshine then this Chinese green sencha tea will definitely help you on your way. Dotted with pineapple cubes and coconut flakes, the end result is an uplifting green tea that has a hint of sweetness and lingering Piña Colada flavours with every sip.

Brewing Instructions:
- one teaspoon/cup
- 80 ̊C water temperature
- steep for 2-3 mins
- usually drunk without milk
- may be reinfused


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