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Golden Monkey Tea Company

Monsoon Malabar

Monsoon Malabar

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Qualities: A proper dark roasted bean that yields big, earthy, spicy, chocolaty coffee with some bitterness. Amazing as a milky coffee.

This coffee takes its name from the Malabar region in Southern India and is also the name of the method used to process the freshly picked coffee seeds. The harvested seeds are stored in open warehouses for three to four months during the monsoon exposing them to the wind and rain. This causes them to enlarge dramatically and they loose the original acidity, resulting in a flavor profile with a practically neutral pH balance. This process helps give them their unique flavour characteristics, which are bold, pungent and spicy.

It is a dark roast, for those who like deep and strong flavours!

Do note that the longer roasting process will cause some of the oils to coat the bean and will look oily for a few days. This is typical for Monsoon Malabar. 

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