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Lemongrass - Herbal Infusion

Lemongrass - Herbal Infusion

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Origin: Thailand

Grade: First Grade

Lemongrass is a perennial herb, native to Southeast Asia and is noted for its lemony scent and ginger undertones. It's lemon character is due to a high concentration of citral, it's main biological component. It has a sweet lemon profile and is often used in teas to impart a lemon character without the tangy flavour. Aside from its myriad of uses as a culinary ingredient, the people of Thailand have for centuries prized the plant for its many purported medicinal uses for ailments ranging from fever to muscle cramps. This is a delightfully refreshing infusion not to be missed.

Please Note

  The tin size needed:

 50g of tea = 100g tin

100g of tea = 200g tin

 Our tins are located in the TEAWARE section.

Brewing Instructions:
- one teaspoon/cup
- 98 ̊C water temperature
- steep for 5 mins+
- usually drunk without milk
- may not be reinfused




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