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Mandala Cream and Rust

Mandala Cream and Rust

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In Hinduism and Buddhism, the mandala is a geometric drawing attributed to a magical or religious meaning. Since a few years mandalas have also become a cult in Western culture as colouring pictures for meditation. This beautiful tin design picks up on this trend and enchants with a detailed and filigree mandala decor. A 3D optic of the design is created by the raised effect surface finish. This gives the motif depth and creates a pleasant haptic. The round shape of the tin is a homage to the mandalas, which are usually arranged in a circle. With a capacity of 150 g, the item is ideal for storing your favourite tea. The integrated inner lid provides additional aroma protection.

The tins are round, with inner lid. They come in 2 colour combinations: Black Brown and Cream Rust

Size: Approximately 150g, this will always depend on the size of the tea leaf.

H: 11.7 cm, Diameter: 7.5cm

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