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Traditional Matcha Scoop

Traditional Matcha Scoop

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Our Matcha Scoop is handmade in Japan's Nara prefecture by Chikumeido, who have been making tea ceremony utensils for 24 generations. Crafted in the 'arigoshi’ (‘ant’s waist’) style, the node in the middle of the handle makes it resemble the waist of an ant. This form is said to have been invented in the 16th century by Sen no Rikyū, who is considered the founder of the Japanese tea ceremony. Its characteristic node guarantees that only one 'chashaku' is made out of each piece of bamboo

Matcha Scoop is the perfect utensil to spoon matcha in the style of traditional Japanese tea making

L 18 cm, Material: Bamboo

Bamboo is a natural and rapidly renewable raw material.

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