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Cast Iron Teapot with Infuser Red

Cast Iron Teapot with Infuser Red

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Channelling classic Japanese-inspired Tetsubin style, this 600ml (1 pint, 20 fl oz) teapot and infuser fills 3 cups. Fusing the vintage with the modern, this striking red cast iron teapot will stand out in any kitchen. It's designed for serving only, so should be filled with boiling water before adding the tea. It has an enamelled interior and doesn't transfer flavours, ensuring the tea retains its true flavour. Its tea infuser is removable and can deal with either loose, powdered or bagged tea. The cast iron ensures that the tea stays hot throughout serving. 

Iron teapots should not be placed directly on the surface of the stoves, but can be kept warm on a trivet. Also not suitable for the preparation of fruit teas, as the acids may attack 
the coating.

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