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Labooko Ecuador Seversal 75%

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Conching time: 9 hrs. • FMR (Fine Mist Roasting)

La selección: Arriba Nacional – the famous fine flavour cocoa which only grows in Ecuador and has a very special floral aroma represents a super-selection by the SEVERSAL family business. This is the best of the best, a special selection directly from the source, which we have turned into a floral single origin chocolate with a 75% cocoa content.

Fragrance notes: plant notes (flowers, grass), roasted nuts, hints of fermented fruit 
Taste notes: very mild, nutty nougat, caramel, café latte, echoes of fermented fruit, finish of coffee with lots of dark Gianduja with a lingering aftertaste

2 x 35 g bars 
Shelf life: 5 months from shipping date